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There are so many questions to consider when you are shopping for a new vehicle. Many owners prioritize fuel efficiency while others prefer a car with performance that will get them from 0-60 with oomf! What is universal, however, is that all drivers like to be comfortable in their car. Vehicle technology has come a long way since the stone wheels and wooden frame of Fred Flinstone. We now have some of the smoothest transportation in history. All of that is due to two delicate systems in your vehicle: the steering and the suspension. You may not know a lot about them, but our technicians will be the first to tell you how important they are for your vehicle comfort and safety.


The frame of your vehicle isn’t actually rigidly attached to your tires, it’s connected via the suspension which allows a more fluid interaction. Instead of feeling every bump or imperfection in the road, the suspension smooths out your ride and allows the passenger cabin to stay relatively stable while the suspension absorbs the shock. Springs and shock absorbers take care of that problem, but they are very complex components that require regular checks and maintenance. When your suspension begins to go, you could experience a lot of different symptoms. Your ride will become considerably less smooth. You may hear some noises, like grinding or rubbing. If one corner of your vehicle is riding lower than another, that’s another sign of an issue with your suspension. Our factory-trained technicians at Taylor Automotive can pinpoint the issue based on your experience and our diagnostic testing equipment. We’ll help you determine the services needed to get your ride smoothed back out : 919-774-4037.


Any issues with the steering in your vehicle immediately becomes a safety issue. Any reduction in your steering capability that would prevent you from stopping effectively puts you and your passengers at risk. You may not experience total loss of control all at once. Maybe your vehicle begins pulling to one side when you are driving down a straight road. It may start to take more effort to turn your wheel and execute a turn at all. Any noises or squealing while you turn could also indicate a problem. At the first sign of any of these issues, you should have your vehicle inspected. If you are having trouble controlling your vehicle during normal driving, there’s no telling what could happen if you are unable to steer and avoid an accident. Services like tire rotation and steering repair can bring your vehicle’s steering issues back under control. Come by the shop today to see our technicians at work: 1007 Hawkins Ave.

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