Hybrid Repair in Sanford, NC

What Services Do Hybrids Need Specifically?

One Stop Shop For Hybrid Repair

Taylor Automotive was the first shop in Sanford, North Carolina to train in the repair of and begin offering services for, hybrid vehicles. We saw the benefit that these vehicles have on our world and knew that they were the future of the automotive industry. We were also intrigued by the new technology and the opportunity to learn more about such innovative ideas. In order to be able to help our customers with these vehicles, we had to learn them from bumper to bumper. For years, our staff has been helping people understand how hybrid vehicles differ from regular engines and the different services they require to keep functioning efficiently. Call today to speak to one of our factory-trained technicians about your vehicle needs: 919-774-4037.

Hybrid Batteries

With hybrid vehicles, much more importance is placed on the health of the battery because that is what sets your vehicle apart from a regular engine. A hybrid vehicle has a high-voltage battery to hold enough power to partially power your engine, while the other power is generated from the standard gasoline engine. Many models also have regenerative braking that saves any power that would be lost when you apply the brakes. Instead, it stores that power in your high-capacity battery until you are ready to accelerate again. The auto-start and auto shut-off is like the third branch of what makes your vehicle so efficient. By recognizing when it needs to be generating power, and when it can truly idle, your vehicle saves from wasting unnecessary energy when you aren’t moving.

Hybrid Maintenance

After all the special attention paid to the special battery in your hybrid vehicle, there are also the necessary services like oil changes, suspension checks, and air filter changes. All the common considerations for a vehicle still apply to a hybrid. In fact, we tend to see hybrid owners are more conscientious of their vehicle’s health because they see the technology as an investment in the environment. Our technicians often recommend services like tire rotations to ensure your vehicle is not losing any of its power because your tires aren’t connecting properly with the road. Come by Taylor Automotive today to discuss the hybrid services and standard preventative maintenance that are essential for keeping your vehicle in peak performance: 1007 Hawkins Ave.

Guaranteed Repairs

Our standard warranty of 36-months or 36,000-miles also applies to our services on hybrid vehicles. When you are out on the road in Sanford, North Carolina, you want to know that if anything goes wrong with your vehicle, we will make it right, and get you back on the road safely. Ask us about our military and educator discounts on services that you need. At Taylor Automotive, we’ll do our best to save you money on the services that help your vehicle perform at its best!

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